A Letter to Senator Schumer on the Debt Ceiling

A Letter to Senator Schumer on the Debt Ceiling

Several general election polls indicate swamp politicians in DC are at high risk of being kicked out of office come the 2022 midterm elections, due to their embracing ever more crazy levels of spending, or repeatedly raising the debt ceiling, among other abuses.  John Procida, retired LP activist and founder of the original LPQC, takes Washington to task in this succinct letter to the Senate majority leader:

Dear Senator Schumer:

As the majority Leader of the U.S. Senate maybe you can tell me how we the people of the United States of America can possibly pay off our 29 trillion published federal debt, and where will the money come from to pay the 125 trillion dollar contracted debt with a tax income of approximately 4 trillion tax dollars per year.

What I believe we are heading for is one of the following disasters: We will default on all loans, we will see hyperinflation, and we will see our taxes doubled or tripled, all creating a super depression. And maybe a revolution by the poor whose services will cease.

How and why did our government do this to us? I can’t believe that it was ignorance, I do believe it is a plan to destroy our constitution, install communism and enlist us into a world government.

George Soros said about 15 years ago that the only thing preventing the creation of the one world government is the United States, and he said “so we must destroy the United States”.

The creation of our debt seems to fit his plan to destroy us.

If you cannot give me a good explanation as to how we will survive the Debt and continue as a free society then you, as the majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, are a traitor for knowingly and passing our destructive and excessive spending bills.  You and the minority leader as well should be tried for Tyranny.

John Procida



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