Dr. Phil: Biden’s Magic Think On Inflation

Dr. Phil: Biden’s Magic Think On Inflation

QL Vice President Dr. Philip Schoenberg’s analysis of the Biden regime’s evasions on inflation, from a recent email libertarian discussion:

The Magic Think of Politicos 3: Inflation Owned by Joe Biden © 2022 by Philip Ernest Schoenberg, PhD

President Joe Biden’s fight against inflation has been a failure.
In regard to inflation:

Firstly, after eighteen months, you can no longer say inflation will be “ temporary.”

Secondly, deny, deny, deny as prices go up does not work.

Thirdly, Joe Biden can’t blame his predecessor anymore for inflation. He has been president for one and a half years, long enough for his policies to contribute to inflation.

Fourthly, what are those policies? Shut down any non-green energy sources in America while begging third-world tyrants to increase their fossil fuel production in which we share a common atmosphere. Wait and wait for green energy to kick in. If so, why does it need subsidies while suppressing the competition? Joe Biden and fellow greens are ignoring the increase in fossil fuel production in Africa, China, and India as they burn coal to supply their energy needs and add to global warming.

Fifthly, if you cannot violate the fundamental laws of economics. If you decrease supply while demand increases, prices will go up.

Sixthly, putting business people in jail for being unable to supply energy at the price you want means no energy.

Seventh, wishful thinking can’t hide the consequences. President managed to get a “Build Back Better” bill approved by Congress that had more pork than infrastructure which has done its share to overheat the economy despite the wishful thinking of economists in support of the bill. Larry Summers, a liberal economist, who sticks to something called data correctly predicted it would fel inflation.

Eighthly, fancy titles again can’t hide the consequences. “The Inflation Reduction” just approved by Congress will further contribute to inflation to unneeded subsidies to crony capitalists. The same applies to the CHIPS act for an extremely profitable industry. You can encourage chip production in America by requiring American-made chips for defense while imposing let us say a 20% tariff on imports if you consider this should be manufactured at home.

Above all friends, brownouts and blackouts are coming. The Biden administration and Democratic governors concerned with saving the planet are shutting traditional sources of energy in the expectation that somehow green and renewable energy will instantly spring up to fill the gap.

But don’t worry, as your food spoils in the refrigerator, as you wait for mass transit if it is available, and you go to neighborhood cooling centers. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, AOC, and Nancy Pelosi are thinking green thoughts as they are chauffeured in their air-conditioned limos and government-provided jets as they figure of how they can make energy even less available to save the planet. Their motto: Do as I say, not what I actually do myself.


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