Dr. Phil on “Should the Coronavirus Vaccine be Mandated?”

Dr. Phil on “Should the Coronavirus Vaccine be Mandated?”

Our Dr. Schoenberg (historian, not MD) has discussed his perspective on whether the COVID vaccine should be mandatory , in New York State or elsewhere, in this article for his American Blog.  While somewhat critical of “anti-vaxxers” who have increasingly objected to the rise in jurisdictions that have introduced legislation to force vaccines on the public, he does note rational reasons why mandating the current vaccine is not recommended or helpful. His approach echoes that of Robert Kennedy Jr, who has recently expressed his own objections to California’s proposed vaccine law. Dr. Phil states:

…First, I go with the wisdom of the crowd. 30% of medical people on the frontlines of fighting this pandemic do not want to take the vaccination at this time. Although it is almost a miracle that we have been able to come up with several vaccinations in less than a year, I share their concern that in the rush to make the vaccine available to the public, inappropriate shortcuts may have been taken, an insufficient safeguard to make sure they work, and they are not harmful. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some of these vaccines are not as effective as touted because people have died after they have been vaccinated or have been vaccinated after they recovered from Coronavirus and came down with it once more. Some possible side effects have been reported. Right now we are in the anecdotal stage, not the scientific stage of evaluating these vaccines. I am not one of those that will never be satisfied but the first rule of medicine, is “Do no harm.”

Second, there are vaccines in the pipeline that are easier to store, easier to use, and only require one application to be completely effective…”    Read the rest

Note: After QL holds a business meeting by phone conference for its February 13 meeting, Queens Libertarians will host the return of Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Saul Marcus (ND), at the Takara Sushi restaurant on Saturday, March 13 at 11:30 am. He will speak on the topic of “The Truth About COVID Vaccines and Health Freedom.”



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