Jeff Goolsby on Ending Birthright Citizenship

Jeff Goolsby on Ending Birthright Citizenship

Join us on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 11:30 a.m. at Takara Sushi located at[masked]th Avenue, Whitestone, New York to hear Jeff Goolsby speak on the topic of Ending Birthright Citizenship. He will speak for 45 minutes followed by 45 minutes of interactive conversation. Many educated and experienced people are being invited to participate in the discussion. Individuals from the Queens Libertarians, America First, Stonewall Libertarians and other groups are being invited to this inspirational talk on the future of America.

Jeff Charles Goolsby is a long time classical liberal, libertarian, and Republican. Ayn Rand enthusiast, and architect by trade, he is a graduate of the College of Charleston (South Carolina), and the University of Notre Dame. He’s served as a political consultant on several campaigns including John Catsimitidis, and Ron Paul 2012.

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