Luster On Is Putin Playing the US?

Luster On Is Putin Playing the US?

Join us on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. at OBA Mediterranean Grill (corner of Austin St and 70th Rd) in Forest Hills, New York to hear retired NYU Professor Robert Luster speak on the topic of “Is Vladimir Putin a Master Poker Player in Foreign Policy?” Luster will discuss the background and history of Putin during his past two decades as ruler of Russia, and his motives and tactics in conducting Russia’s “special operation” of invading Ukraine. What do Putin’s foreign policy aims or skills say about those of the US, NATO or EU going forward? Luster will speak for about 45 minutes, followed by interactive conversation. Details and Directions

Note: Reminder, QL meeting time has been moved up to 11:00 am at the request of OBA Grill. Also, reminder that LPNY candidate for Comptroller Bill Schmidt will be speaking on May 14.


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