Mainstream Pols Discover Legal Pot is Beneficial

Mainstream Pols Discover Legal Pot is Beneficial

Statist politicians in New York have suddenly  begun to proclaim the benefits of marijuana, now that the recreational use of  it has been legalized in the state. Did they get religion, or did they know all along? From the Daily News:

Mayor Adams and Gov. Hochul pitched the economic benefits of legal cannabis on Wednesday, 4/20, the international day celebrating weed.

Adams is set to propose that the city spend $4.8 million to reach out to those most impacted, especially minority entrepreneurs impacted as a result of past usage. The plan would help them learn about the industry and set up their new small businesses — things like navigating the licensing process and obtaining financing, among other areas.

“The cannabis industry could be a major boon to our economic recovery — creating new jobs, building wealth in historically underserved communities, and increasing state and local tax revenue,” Adams said…  Read more


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