Midnight for Liberty? A Conversation July 8

Midnight for Liberty? A Conversation July 8

Join QL (in its speaker event for LPQC) to hear Dr. Philip Schoenberg lead a group talk on July 8 on the topic of “Is It Midnight for Liberty?,” at OBA Grill on 104-02 Metropolitan Ave at noon (an exchange of ideas by attendees on the current path, or state of freedom in the US). This discussion will follow the monthly business session, covering Queens LP housekeeping and subcommittee updates.

Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, a historian, will encourage people to choose topics of liberty to discuss. Discussion Questions are in honor of the 4th of July when we declared our independence to determine if we have been on the right path to liberty.

Directions: We will do a roundtable of discussion in which everyone can choose a question for us to discuss.

  1. How do you define being a libertarian?
  2. Should the American Revolutionaries be considered to be libertarians if they did not free their slaves?
  3. Should there be any government regulation of guns and gun ownership?
  4. Should people be allowed to discriminate against others on the basis of gender, handicap, color, race, or religion?
  5. Should compulsory school attendance be considered a violation of liberty?
  6. Should the states be able to nullify laws passed by the federal government?
  7. Should the states be allowed to leave the Union any time they want?   And other topics.  Details and Directions


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