1/1/2017 Comments by Tom Stevens, President, Queens Libertarians:

Queens Libertarians 2017 – A New Direction

Queens Libertarians,

By the deliberate choice of the members, the Queens Libertarians is now an independent libertarian organization no longer associated with the failed Libertarian Party, that has been unable (update: except in 2018) to obtain 50,000 votes in a gubernatorial election since 1971 (45 years!).

What this means is that the Queens Libertarians will be able to cross-endorse candidates of other political parties with libertarian agendas without limitation. As a chartered chapter of Empire State Libertarians, we will be able to endorse candidates statewide in the same manner. If any other chapters associated with the Libertarian Party wish to follow our lead, they are welcome to do so.

New York State currently allows you to register Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Green, Working Familes, Independence, Women’s Equality, Reform or Other. If you tried registering Libertarian, your choice was probably not recorded. I registered Libertarian and by this past election, I was still listed in the books as Republican.

We need to build ties with other political parties in order to identify candidates who are good on our issues. I recommend you register in one of them and attend their meetings as our representative. I have already re-registered Republican. You can download and mail in this form to choose the party of your choice.


For the past three years, I have been Queens LP Chair. There has been peace during that time until Mark Glogowski, the new Libertartian Party Chair decided to stir the pot to promote peace and reconciliation. John Clifton and I cooperated with him fully but being a political novice, he was not only unable to maintain his upstate support for his program but faced a backlash where three of the chartered chapters were de-chartered by the State Committee. I offered to resign as Chair if that would make any difference. However, like in the past, I was unanimously encouraged to run again, and reluctantly, I agreed. John Clifton relayed that fact to the powers that be. Mark Glogowski will now try to form new entites in the counties where chapters were de-chartered but we will have nothing to do with that.

Where liberty is at stake, I have no time for infighting or bullshit. We will proceed onward and upward with more freedom and flexibility. All will remain as it has been. We will continue to meet on the second Saturday of every month from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and go to lunch afterward.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

In Liberty,

Dr. Tom Stevens
Queens Libertarians
Cell: 718-357-7075