More on Political Issues Behind January 6

More on Political Issues Behind January 6

Chair John Clifton has composed a10 part essay response, to critical points raised about his talk on the political issues and due process violations involved with the Jan 6 protestors, as discussed at the LPQC May meeting. Clifton holds that most voters know the 2020 election was rigged, and that the jailed Jan 6 protestors are hostages. Rasmussen and other polls confirm this, and that is why the “election deniers/insurrection” narrative has failed for years:

Were the January 6 Protestors Traitors, or Hostages?

The 5/11 QL meeting circumstances (at Donovan’s Pub, being crowded at the smaller table and space provided) caused me to be more informal, shorten my presentation and skip the references I provided, which you didn’t look at. Briefly:

The “sore loser” and “Trump simply lies” phrases are simply claims, not proven. His job was not to singlehandedly reform the election laws of multiple different states. The over 1000 sworn affidavits on record of direct eyewitnesses to election rigging (not to mention the videos, from MI and GA, etc) are sufficient starting points for investigations that basically did not happen in the weeks following the 2020 election.

The election was not litigated at that time, as the judges were under pressure to dismiss the 60+ cases before they could get to an evidentiary hearing stage where the facts could be presented, or they could be litigated. Many of the judges simply issued a judgment WITHOUT any consideration of that, which the “getaway media” simply spun as “the case was debunked.” I have mentioned these details for four years, especially since I have seen (as a past state Chair) that these are the main tactics biased judges in New York have used to rule against LPNY in case after case… Read More

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