Other Potential LP 2024 Presidential Contenders

Other Potential LP 2024 Presidential Contenders

Last of a series. Patty Malowney overviews others who may or may not declare their intent to fully run for the LP nomination:


Justin Amash, former congressman from Michigan, is one of the most popular Libertarians in the Libertarian party. In 2020, he formed an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. However, he decided shortly after launching the committee that 2020 wasn’t the right time for him to run.  Though many Libertarians want him to run, Amash has repeatedly told party members and the media that this isn’t on his radar right now.

In spite of this, many Libertarians are still hopeful he will run in 2024, myself included.  I believe he would consider running in the 2024 election if the timing made sense and he was in a position to run in a viable race. He expressed this sentiment to media outlets like USA Today saying, “I want to do what I can to work from the outside to change things because I’ve tried the inside and right now I can’t get much traction.”


Dave Smith is a New York stand-up comedian and libertarian commentator. He has appeared on Fox News, CNN, and many other popular media outlets. He’s known for his thought-provoking comedy and says he represents a new generation of pundits.  He is a well-liked member of the Mises Caucus and a rising star in the Libertarian Party.

Smith has name recognition that is on par with Amash and is a first choice for many Mises Caucus members. Like many other Mises Caucus members, he became a Libertarian because of the Ron Paul movement. He likes Ron Paul because he challenged him to think differently about the government. He inspired him to read and learn more about liberty through authors like Rothbard, Mises, and Friedman.


Spike Cohen is a Libertarian activist and entrepreneur. In 2020, Spike Cohen was the running mate of Jo Jorgensen. He has a large social media following and is enthusiastically supported by nearly all Libertarians. He has not expressed an interest in running for president yet, but many in the party believe he would be the best choice.

There is a strong case for Spike Cohen as the Libertarian presidential candidate if he chooses to run. He is well-liked. He has an active presence in the media and can commit to campaigning full-time. He also has a background in web design and marketing.


Note: Sharpe has announced he is running to get LPNY on the ballot in time for the national convention, due to the spring petitioning period in New York. Larry Sharpe is a former marine and popular Libertarian from New York. He has not publicly stated any intention to run as a Libertarian presidential candidate in 2024. However, he has a lot of supporters in the Libertarian community who would support him if he decided to run as our Libertarian presidential nominee.

Sharpe is a successful entrepreneur who started and sold a trucking and distribution business. He’s also been a leadership coach who has helped other entrepreneurs, executives, and companies to develop stronger leadership and team-building skills. He’s been a guest instructor at universities including Yale and Columbia University….Read the rest


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