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LPQC Holds 2024 Convention and Winter General Meeting February 10

Join us for QL’s 2024 county convention as the Libertarian Party of Queens County (LPQC) on February 10 at noon. Discussion will be held at our Woodside location at Donovan’s Pub on 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, in the family room area. This official LP county committee function will serve as our full general meeting, where officers will be nominated or re-nominated, and committee or subcommittee members are to be appointed. Members are reminded to pay $20 to LPQC by, or during the proceedings in order to vote.

Dr. Phil Schoenberg will also speak, in the topical section, on US presidents—who did the most and the least to advance liberty? An open discussion will follow, concerning ballot access in New York, and about recent controversies with the LNC and LPNY going into the spring national convention (plus remarks by one or more local LP candidates (tentative) in the speaker/topical section). In this session members will again be offered to serve as LPQC officers (such as Secretary), and as key persons or “team members” for the following positions: media contact, membership/fundraising, candidate/activist outreach, youth/campus outreach, community/business outreach. Please attend, and volunteer to help in one of these areas!  Details and Directions


YOU Can Help in Downballot Petitioning for LPNY Candidates

LPNY Secretary Braiman has a message for new (or renewing) LPNY members seeking to enable the party to obtain statewide ballot status this year, while assisting local candidates at the same time. A few prospective candidates may attend the LPQC Convention on February 10, come to Donovan’s Pub and meet them!:

Mark Braiman, Secretary


We Need Your Help as a Co-Petitioning Downballot Candidate

Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) member:

I am writing you as a member of a recently-formed LPNY committee planning to get Libertarian candidates onto New York’s ballot for the November 2024 election. This includes a “stand-in” Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

Why just a “stand-in”? Due to New York’s onerous and complicated petitioning rules, along with the National Libertarian Party’s nomination rules, we need to collect well over 45,000 signatures statewide during a 6-week period that ends Memorial Day weekend, the same weekend the Libertarian National Convention will be underway in Washington, D.C. to choose a national candidate for President. You can help us achieve this challenging task if you volunteer to collect signatures.

You can be of special help, if you collect signatures as a Libertarian candidate yourself, for a downballot race. New York’s Election Law makes a lot of things about petitioning hard, but one provision makes things easier. Certain downballot candidates can appear on the same Independent Nominating Petition sheet as the Presidential candidate. So a single signature counts for all candidates on that sheet, as long as the downballot candidate is running in a district that includes multiple counties, at least one of which must be outside New York City.

Running in a multi-county district for Congress, State Senate, or Assembly can all work. Here are the districts that qualify:

Assembly Districts (42 in all): 9-11, 94-95, 98-104, 106-108,110-118,120-122, 124-127, 130-133,139-140, 144-145,147-148, 150

State Senate Districts (20 in all): 8, 34, 36, 39-41, 43-46, 48-54, 57-58, 62.

Congressional Districts (13 in all): 2,3, and 16-26

I did such co-petitioning in service to Larry Sharpe’s gubernatorial candidacy in 2018, as a candidate in NY’s 53rd State Senate district. I was personally able to collect over 500 signatures, plus a few more collected by some close friends. This was not enough to get me on the November ballot, but it helped get Larry there, where he won enough votes to gain us (temporarily) official party status in New York.

Let me tell you, it’s much easier to walk up to a voter and say “I’m running for office for the first time. Please help me get on the ballot as a third-party candidate,” rather than “Please help us reserve a spot on the ballot for a different guy”. Especially “an unnamed Libertarian Presidential candidate who we won’t choose until a few days or weeks from now”. The voter sees a friendly face, and can ask you questions about yourself. A good 50% of the time, the voter will be happy just to get a new choice on the ballot. Especially this year.

We are initially prioritizing candidates for Assembly, at least for Upstate areas. The number of signatures required to actually get on the ballot is only 1,500, much smaller than for State Senate (3,000) or Congress (3,500). We are particularly interested in young candidates, since voters are especially open to helping young petitioners with their first run for office. Candidates for Assembly (or State Senate) only need to be 18, whereas Congressional candidates must be 25. And there is a chance that due to a court case, Congressional districts will not be finalized until very close to the petitioning period in April, or even later.

Voters are not as demanding of qualifications and detailed positions—as long as the office is a “starter” office like Assembly. And finally, for the April-May petition period, young candidates collecting signatures are likely to be more welcome on busy community-college and state college campuses.

Even if you don’t think getting yourself onto the November ballot is a likelihood, we hope that you will view putting your name on a shared petition so you can reap voter signatures as a desirable strategy. PLEASE consider this if your goal is to see someone on the Presidential ballot in NY not named Biden or Trump.

However you envision your goals, and whatever your age, we will work on helping all such candidates coordinate with each other on issues and petitioning strategies. We already have one smart and eager Assembly candidate from the 107th district covering parts of Rensselaer and surrounding counties, 21-year-old Evan Lebrecht who just announced on his Facebook page.

Having heard the possibilities, won’t you please email me back at secretary@lpny.org, and let me know as soon as possible (but in no case later than March 30) that you would consider putting yourself out there to help with this petitioning strategy. We need to know by then, so that we can design and print the petition forms with your name and statewide candidates on them. Getting those forms designed correctly is the most important way we in the Libertarian Party of New York can help you to help us.

Call to Action: Who else would you want to be on your ballot?

Even if you can’t possibly envision yourself as a petitioning candidate, please pass this email on to a friend you think might be interested!


Please click below to join the LPNY today, and learn how you can help to get Libertarian candidates on the ballot in 2024.



Has COVID Been Our Biggest Challenge?

Join Queens Libertarians (in its speaker event for LPQC) on January 13 at noon, in a meeting on the topic “Covid: The Greatest Challenge to Liberty and Reason.” Discussion will be held at our Woodside location at Donovan’s Pub on 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, in the family room area, and the presentation will be by Phillip Ernest Schoenberg, PhD. This discussion will follow the monthly business session, covering Queens LP housekeeping and subcommittee updates. NOTE: LPQC Chair John Clifton will be back for this meeting!

It’s been four years since Covid, the lockdowns and the mandates. What have we learned or realized? Is our response now any more reasoned or freedom-minded than it was then, have our eyes been opened, or will we fall again into mass conformity? Schoenberg will provide historical and logical background on the controversy. As he has stated in the past: “We should not scapegoat and demonize dissenters, or enjoy schadenfreude at the sad consequences of their actions or failures to take action…” Details and Directions


Poll Shows Most Voters Want a Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza

Despite two full months of pro-war media coverage and Israeli-government-only talking points, most people want this thing to stop, writes Dave DeCamp at Antiwar.com, and as Daniel McAdams and Ron Paul comment:

Polling continues to show that the majority of Americans favor a lasting ceasefire in Gaza, a position the Biden administration has rejected.

The latest poll from Data for Progress found that 61% of American voters support the idea of the US calling for a “permanent” ceasefire in Gaza and a general de-escalation of violence, including 76% of Democrats, 49% of Republicans, and 57% of independent or third-party voters.

When presented with arguments for and against the idea of a ceasefire, 52% of respondents still supported a permanent truce, while 34% opposed the idea, and 14% said they didn’t know what position to take.  Read the rest.


Weinblatt on Health Care in America

Join Queens Libertarians (in its speaker event for LPQC) on December 9 at noon, in a meeting on the topic Health Care in the U.S.: Providing and Paying – Is There a Better Way? Discussion will be held at our Woodside location at Donovan’s Pub on 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, in the family room area, and will be led by LPQC Treasurer Mark Weinblatt. This discussion will follow the monthly business session, covering Queens LP housekeeping and subcommittee updates.

Weinblatt will cover the history of the issue, including: why is health insurance part of employment? Why aren’t there enough doctors? Why does the cost keep going up? Are government healthcare plans, subsidies and bureaucracies necessary? Is Health Care a Right? Do Other Countries Have a Better System? Can the Free Market Work for Health Care? And other questions. Details and Directions


Dave Smith and Angela McArdle on Foreign Policy

LP National Chair McArdle and Michael Malice join Dave Smith* going over recent election and geo-political issues (*note: original video was deleted by YouTube, so is replaced by this McArdle video from Rumble):


‘Just a Little Touch of Star Anarchy:’ Milei Wins!

Some days are special, as when the word “libertarian” actually makes the news cycle in the mass media, in a big way.  Along comes a somewhat wild, populist conservative libertarian and anarcho-capitalist named Javier Milei winning office in Argentina, and suddenly everybody is going “stand back, Buenos Aires!” According to Lifesite, and Liberal Hivemind:

BUENOS AIRES  — Libertarian candidate Javier Milei, who has condemned abortion as murder, has won the presidential election in Argentina. 

Milei, who gained tremendous support among Argentinians fed up with the political establishment, economic decline, and surging inflation, achieved around 56 percent of the vote and convincingly defeated his opponent, Sergio Massa in the run-off election on November 19. 

“Today begins the reconstruction of Argentina. Today begins the end of Argentina’s decline.” Milei told his supporters in a victory speech in Buenos Aires. “The model of decadence has come to an end. There is no way back.” 

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, to whom Milei has been frequently compared for his brash rhetoric, congratulated the designated Argentinian president on his platform Truth Social: 

“The whole world was watching! I am very proud of you. You will turn your Country around and truly Make Argentina Great Again!”… 

Read the rest.


The LP Asks, Are YOU Against the Next War?

Adapted from a message sent by National LP:

In the chill of November 1969, a collective heartbeat resonated through the United States. The ‘March Against Death,’ a historic moment in the anti-war movement, drew over half a million Americans to the heart of Washington, DC, demanding an end to the Vietnam War. As we reflect on the echoes of that pivotal weekend 54 years later, it becomes painfully clear that the cry for peace still rings in our conscience. Today, in the face of continued conflict, the Libertarian Party emerges as the modern-day torchbearer, standing alone in its unwavering call for a moratorium on war.