Post Election Update: LPNY on Failing to Sustain Ballot Status

Post Election Update: LPNY on Failing to Sustain Ballot Status

The dire implications of the 2020 elections on Libertarians in NY will be explored at the Queens Libertarians November 14 meeting in Whitestone.

Message from the Chair:

In March, under cover of COVID, the governor and the State Legislature passed new and unconstitutional ballot access thresholds requiring our presidential candidate to receive the higher of two percent or 130,000 votes in New York State. Despite record voter turnout nationwide, our presidential candidate failed to meet the new threshold. This is a stinging loss. Debate will rage on about the suitability of our national candidates and the efficacy of their campaign. I will not engage in these conversations publicly. As LPNY Chair, my only concerns are moving Liberty in NYS forward and continuing our ballot access fight.

As you may be aware, and in conjunction with the Green Party of New York, the LPNY filed a Federal lawsuit in July challenging the constitutionality of these ballot access restrictions. Now that the election outcome for our candidate is clear, the lawsuit will move forward. I have called a meeting of the LPNY Executive Committee and our legal team to discuss next steps.

In the meantime, I ask all individuals, regardless of party affiliation, to rally behind this important battle for minor party ballot access, and click below to contribute to the LPNY to support our ballot access lawsuit:

Support our ballot access lawsuit!

Thank you in advance for donating as generously as you are able. Our survival, quite literally, hangs in the balance.

In Liberty,
W. Cody Anderson
Chair, Libertarian Party of New York

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