Sharpe Urges “Pack the Court” Appeal Effort This Friday In Albany

Sharpe Urges “Pack the Court” Appeal Effort This Friday In Albany

This court appeal is THE MOST IMPORTANT EVER. I NEED you to show up if you can make it to Albany.

Date: Friday, September 9th
Time: 9:30am
Location: Robert Abrams Building, Empire Plaza, 5th Floor, State Street (near corner of Park Street), Albany New York

The last court case didn’t go our way in part because the judge didn’t understand—or worse, DIDN’T CARE about why ballot access is so important to democracy in New York and around the country. If we don’t get on the ballot, this will be the first election in almost 80 years where only two candidates appear on the ballot. More than that, 2024 may be the first Presidential election where no third party will have 50 state ballot access in a really long time.

Come to ALBANY THIS FRIDAY. Show your support. Send a MESSAGE to the JUDGE that our VOICES MUST BE HEARD in this election. It matters.

If you can’t make it, ASK ONE FRIEND TO SHOW UP IN YOUR PLACE. We need to fill the room with people who love liberty.

As always, we need your help too. If you responded to the last email, THANK YOU. We will finish reaching out to people by Monday.

Right now, we need DRIVERS. The campaign will cover gas & tolls. I just need help getting from point A to point B. Additionally, we always need help with coordinating new events, social media, content creation, and social media. Can you help?

Register to Volunteer Here

We need FUNDING. As you know, fundraising has been slow since the last court decision, and we need money to keep moving forward with the appeal, and with our WRITE-IN CAMPAIGN. Stand with me to save New York before it’s too late.

Click here and send whatever you can

In liberty,

Larry Sharpe


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