The Real Politics of War Escalation

The Real Politics of War Escalation

Libertarians are not pro-Hamas or anti-Israel, but we are anti-war—and in that context, decry the rapid escalation of the latest Mideast conflict. Many are questioning the dogmatic premises and talking points on this mess being repeatedly pushed by the establishment media. At this point, over 9,400 Palestinian civilians have been killed (Xinhua News), which makes pointless the launching of this war, or emotional posturing over the 1,400 Israeli civilians killed by Hamas terrorists. What’s the point of saying “we don’t target civilians” if you are going to define everybody and everything you bomb as a combatant, and end up stacking up five times as many dead civilians as those produced by the original militants? Tom Woods and Daniel McAdams over the narratives, and real politics behind the whole matter:

Ron Paul Institute Director on Best and Worst Middle East Scenarios – YouTube

Mike Adams of Natual News also comments (more intemperantly):

WAR is a RACKET, and the NEWS is a PSYOP (


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