Wayne Root On Kanye, Trump and Jews

Wayne Root On Kanye, Trump and Jews

Former LP Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root’s take on rapper and eccentric controversialist Kanye West (or ‘Ye’), and the psyop aspects of the story about his Mar-a-Lago dinner with former President Donald Trump. Comic commentator ‘The Salty Cracker’ concurs:

“…the liberal media hates Trump. They have tried to slander him, frame him, demonize him, and destroy him thousands of times. They love Obama. The way they treated Obama vs Trump is like night and day.

Last week, Trump had dinner with a celebrity acquaintance (Kanye West) and a stranger (Nick Fuentes). The media, Democrats and the RINO establishment GOP are trying to destroy Trump over a brief dinner. With a stranger.

The story is a scam. It’s gaslighting at the highest level. Kanye West set Trump up. Kanye is clearly mentally disturbed. He wanted to create a media firestorm that would fuel his own insane political ambitions. Trump was just eating dinner and expecting to give career advice to a billionaire celebrity acquaintance.

What makes it “gaslighting” is Trump’s background and record. Trump himself is a Jewish grandfather- his own grandchildren are orthodox Jewish. Trump opened Mar-a-Lago to Jewish members- the first club to ever do that in Palm Beach. Trump was Grand Marshal of “The Salute to Israel Parade” in New York City.

And then there’s his record as president. I once called Trump “America’s First Jewish President.” Compare all of that to Obama.

As a Jew, I will state unequivocally that I continue to support President Trump. He is the greatest president of my lifetime. I appreciate what he did for the US economy, jobs, stocks, real estate, small business, inflation (there was none under Trump) and the great American middle class. The man was great for America First…and for Israel second. I look forward to his second term in 2024.”


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