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Are We Near the Fall of the Liberal World Order?

Join QL on June 10 (in its speaker event for LPQC) to hear retired Professor Robert Luster speak on the topic of “The Fall of the Liberal International Order and the Global South,” at OBA Grill on 104-02 Metropolitan Ave at noon. This address will follow the monthly business session, covering Queens LP housekeeping and subcommittee updates. Is the US and the Western order increasingly losing international ground under the increased influence of China, Russia, India, or their emerging alliances with each other? Is the future in a rising new order in Asia and the Global South?

Should our nation have or maintain hegemony or controlling geopolitical dominance across the East? Are many Western officials addressing these changes? How do recent elections, or the economic circumstances of these countries factor into their current relations? Is the US answer to these issues more, or less foreign intervention? Luster will speak 45 minutes, followed by discussion.

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Procida on Political Issues: the Debt Ceiling

John Procida, original founder of LPQC, though retired from activism, still comments on political issues via his email list. Here are his notes on the debt ceiling battle in DC:

The discussions on the Debt Ceiling are so depressing. The reason they are depressing is because they show how stupid the American people are. What they are discussing is how much more debt we should incur. The debt we now have is not re-payable and they want to increase it and the American people are not outraged. Both political parties are at fault and they are arguing about who is more responsible for their combined stupidity.

Ultimately the American people are at fault as they elected this bunch of leaches. The politicians know the weakness of the people and constantly feed them ice cream to get their vote and the jerks are happy with the ice cream even if it not affordable or unconstitutional and that goes on and on. In the constitution that our fore fathers wrote the federal government was not allowed to take money from one tax payer and give it to another citizen in any form.

It is well known by historians that a country will survive if the people could not vote themselves money from the national treasury. Once that happens that is the beginning of the end of that government. Our forefathers knew that and in Section 8 of our constitution they listed about 18 things that the federal government can do, and taking money from one person and giving it to another person is not on that list but who reads the constitution?

As a matter in fact the federal government is doing dozens of things that are not in Section 8 and that is why we are effectively bankrupt.

So don’t get mad at the politicians, get mad at yourself. Thomas Jefferson said “a country that wants to remain free and ignorant never was and never will be”, he also said that no generation should leave the next generation in debt.

John P.

LPNY Launches Monthly Online Activist Meetings

The Libertarian Party of New York is launching a monthly event called LPNY Activist Forums. The purpose of these is to provide a place for Libertarian leaders and activists across the state to discuss current and future activist, candidate, and party activities.

For anyone who is a Libertarian leader, activist, or wants to get involved in the Libertarian Party of New York, this will also serve as an orientation where you can meet state and local leaders and learn about opportunities to get involved. In the case of unorganized counties, you can learn about the resources we have available for forming a new county affiliate.

The first LPNY Activist Forum will be held Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.

Details and Registering Info


LPQC Holds First Full General Business Meeting May 13

Join us for QL’s next session as the new Libertarian Party of Queens County (LPQC). This official LP county committee will hold its full spring general meeting (plus remarks by LPNY state committee member Bill Schmidt (tentative) in the speaker/topical section) on May 13 at noon. Function will be at the OBA Grill, at 104-02 Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills, and will further expand on filling vacancies in the county committee, plus subcommittee positions or assignments outlined in the April meeting.

In this session members will again be offered to serve as LPQC officers (such as Secretary), and as key persons or “team members” for the following positions: media contact, membership/fundraising, candidate/activist outreach, youth/campus outreach, community/business outreach. So far the website and social media team consists of John Clifton and Francisco Olvera, and Robert Luster agreed to be on the Program/Speakers subcommittee. Please attend and volunteer to help in one of these areas! LPQC’s mission will be further defined, and details for conducting an initial fundraising letter will be explored.

Details and Directions

Did Vivek Squeeze Lemon Out of CNN?

Conservative Presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy dialogues with Libertarians (Nick Gillespie at Reason) on the recent ouster of top cable news hosts, and the historic legislative implications for blacks of gun control, and civil rights:

As for Tucker Carlson, please note the comments from the brilliant JP below, about what likely led to his departure:


FOX Caves Again on Election Integrity

Wayne Root (LP VP candidate in 2008) continues to be one of the few commentators to openly reject the Great Steal of the 2020 election (as well as the fraud committed in the 2022 midterms). Here he discusses the settlement FOX News reached with Dominion over their defamation lawsuit (reached mainly because FOX didn’t want Rupert Murdoch to have to testify, and Dominion didn’t want info proving their voting machinery was compromised to get revealed at trial). But the general case for mass election fraud and cheating remains unanswered:

“Because Fox News settled with Dominion, now the Marxist-controlled mainstream media will go into full bait-and-switch mode. They will claim “the case is settled and closed. It’s now proven the 2020 election wasn’t rigged and stolen.”…I believe elections are still being rigged and stolen. The 2022 midterms were almost as bad as the 2020 presidential election. One race is Exhibit A. Democrats clearly stole the Arizona Governor’s race from Kari Lake. Arizona Democrats rigged the vote by making sure vote tabulators didn’t work on Election Day in heavily GOP districts…

Here is the Democrat playbook for stealing elections…

*No government-issued Voter (or photo) ID.

Did you know we are the only major nation in the world without government issued Voter ID? Did you know all the other nations acknowledge that Voter ID is necessary to prevent widespread voter fraud?

Did you know that Mexico requires government issued Photo ID plus a thumbprint?

Did you know U.S. territory Puerto Rico requires government issued Photo ID plus thumbprint to vote? Yet in America its “racist” (says Democrat frauds) to ask for the same thing required in a U.S. territory.

*Mail-in ballots handed to everyone (in many states mass mailed to voters without even asking), without Voter ID.

Did you know we are the only major nation in the world to allow mail-in ballots? Did you know all the other nations acknowledge publicly that mail-in ballots are a recipe for massive voter fraud?

Did you know even ultra-woke Starbucks demands in-person voting for its own union elections? They told a court that voting by mail leads to voter fraud.

But I’m just getting started. The 2020 election was stolen by…

*Five states colluding to stop the vote count on election night- for the first time in history. They sent all witnesses home, then they magically found enough votes by morning to overcome Trump’s huge leads- with no witnesses in the room.

*Ballot harvesting with no oversight– a practice that until Covid was criminal in 49 states.

*Ballot drop boxes with no oversight. If you don’t understand, please watch the movie “2000 Mules.”

*Little or no signature match on these millions of mail-in ballots.

*Counting fake ballots for days after the election. Ask yourself one simple question: What are the odds only Democrats have won every single time in history, after being behind on Election Night, and then a week of counting ballots? I’m no math genius, but I’d say the odds of that are 1 in a billion…

And the big one…

*We know the FBI rigged the election. They paid Twitter to change the news feed in favor of Biden and silence conservative voices on social media. See emails released by Elon Musk. [Note: See also Ron Paul.] The FBI rigged the 2020 election. FACT.”   Read the rest.


Gun Control Freaks Switch Strategy

This Second Amendment advocate carefully outlines changes in the gun control approach following the Heller decision. Since the Supreme Court ruling clearly protects handguns, the control freaks now focus on banning “long guns,” or “assault weapons” such as AR-15 rifles et al:


Lessons in Political Liberty—Take Human Action NYC Tour

Stream of a major session held by speakers for the LP Mises Caucus, from the Take Human Action tour in NYC last week, including speakers like Dave Smith and Tom Woods. The Caucus (representing the dominant group in the National LP today) is seeking to educate LP members on how to run for office, and bring concepts of political liberty (from Mises to Murray Rothbard) to the masses. Find a few hours to listen, it’s time well spent:


Unification! Queens County Libertarians Finally Together

We are proud to announce the inaugural combined event of the now unified LPQ AND QL organizations, into the new Libertarian Party of Queens County (LPQC). This official LP county committee will hold its initial business meeting (plus speaker/topical section) on April 8 at noon, at OBA Grill on Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills. The topic for discussion will be “Unification” and plans for the local party.

In this introductory session members from both groups will get to know each other, begin to complete the turnover of officer functions, and clarify current and upcoming projects. LPQC officers (John Clifton, Chair), Francisco Olvera (Vice Chair) and Mark Weinblatt (Treasurer) will go over the new arrangements. LPQC’s mission will be further defined, and prospects for conducting outreach and fundraising will be reviewed. Details and Directions

LPQC Treasurer Weinblatt and Vice President Olvera have drafted their remarks from the Queens LP side of things, which will be posted to the next LPNY Newsletter, which reads as follows:


After years of having two parties identifying themselves as the LP of
Queens, NY, both entities decided to become one.

“We formed LPQC after the LP got ballot access in NYS and we had an
organizational meeting at [Former LPQC Chair] Mike Arcati’s house in
early 2019. It has been a challenge since then to gain strength by
reaching out to those in Queens who had registered as Libertarians.
Without reaching out, we struggle to raise money, and without money,
we can’t afford to reach out. It’s a Catch-22. The pandemic
restrictions made things even more difficult. Now that we have a
regular meeting time and place and will take on more ‘official’ party
business, my hope is that we can find ways of both reaching out to
like-minded Queens residents and also raising money to help extend
that outreach to the ‘libertarian-curious’ who would be open to our
ideas and values. We welcome any help that we can get from anywhere
else in the state or National.” — Mark Weinblatt

At the same time, John Clifton’s QL has been very active getting
people together whether voters, party partisans or simply persons who
share libertarian ideas or a good story from a guest speaker.

As with most good stories, everything happened by chance. John
Clifton, who had been running QL for several years, approached Mark
Weinblatt (LPQC) with the idea of merging the Queens entities after
Mark attended a meeting of the QL and let him know that LPQC did not
have a chair at the moment. A short time later, after years of having
two parties that broke resources in almost half and getting nowhere,
the two groups finally merged in early March 2023 with John Clifton
from QL as Chair, myself from LPQC as Vice Chair and Mark Weinblatt
from LPQC as treasurer.

Now it is time for LPQC to focus on promoting the party, its
philosophy and its brand. As with other county affiliates, educating
voters and anyone who can influence other voters is the biggest

* Clifton has brought many ideas on how to teach young adults at a
college level, but we still need to promote the party at high school
level. Needless to say, this is an up-hill battle given the GOP/DNC
duopoly in the United States.

* We would merge the data sources into a common database that can be
used by LPQC and possibly the LPNY if we can get all the proper


Proposed TikTok Ban a Cover for Patriot Act Part II

Any bill calling itself a “RESTRICT” act on Communications CANNOT be pro-First Amendment or good Libertarian news. While banning Chinese surveillance of US consumers (through spying apps like TikTok) may be a good thing, using overreaching legislation to vastly expand US surveillance and control is ridiculous. Rand Paul, Reason, Tucker Carlson, Substack journalists and the below Quartering podcast agrees:


WP Reports Conservative, Libertarian Forces Are Blocking Future Pandemic Lockdowns

The Washington Post complains that attempts to enforce future COVID or other pandemic lockdown polices are being successfully prevented by conservative, libertarian and legal groups. The Gateway Pundit observes that WP “is deeply upset that Conservatives and Libertarians are standing in the way of future pandemic lockdowns. This is an excellent reminder that the liberal media gleefully supported shutting down the United States during COVID and would absolutely love to see it happen again. If Conservatives and Libertarians are standing in the way, they deserve our thanks and admiration.”  Some excerpts:

…Conservative and libertarian forces have defanged much of the nation’s public health system through legislation and litigation as the world staggers into the fourth year of Covid… The movement to curtail public health powers successfully tapped into a populist rejection of pandemic measures following widespread anger and confusion over the government response to Covid. Grass-roots-backed candidates ran for county commissions and local health boards on the platform of dismantling health departments’ authority. Republican legislators and attorneys general, religious liberty groups and the legal arms of libertarian think tanks filed lawsuits and wrote new laws modeled after legislation promoted by groups such as the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative, corporate-backed influence in statehouses across the country…

Those seeking to dismantle public health powers say they’re fighting back against an intrusion on their rights by unelected bureaucrats who overstepped amid a national crisis. “We don’t want to concentrate power in a single set of hands,” said Rick Esenberg, head of the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, a libertarian law firm that won a state Supreme Court case barring health officials from closing schools. “It’s a usurpation of the legislative role.” More…