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Why the Covid Resistance?

Join us on Saturday, February 12, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. at OBA Mediterranean Grill (corner of Austin St and 70th Rd) in Forest Hills, New York for a review of “Why Do People Resist Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine?” by Phillip Ernest Schoenberg, PhD. Schoenberg will provide historical and logical background on the controversy. “Those who do not want to take the one of the Covid-19 cannot all be lumped together into one group or stereotyped as irrational or hysterical. There are actually five groups that we shall look at in terms of their rationale of why they refuse to take the vaccine and if there is any way to convince them.
Details and Directions—

Bonner Recovers, and Other Year-End Notes

One of the top petitioners (primarily) for the LP nationally and in New York for decades, Darryl Bonner, is recovering from a stroke he suffered in early December. Bonner, while participating in a petition drive in Alabama, was persuaded to go to the ER when he showed signs of having issues. A GoFundMe page was set up to cover his medical expenses, that has at this point reached its financial target. Bonner has often obtained most of his signatures for the party in NY campaigns from Queens and Brooklyn. He has since returned home, and we wish him well in his recovery.

The annual toy drive conducted by QL’s Michelle Yaskel has concluded successfully, with 95 toy items distributed to New York Families with Autistic Children (NYFAC). We encourage other Libertarian committees and groups to likewise sponsor a community based cause to improve their engagement in their counties or region.

QL’s 2021 Thomas Stevens Award recipients were revealed at the Christmas or Holiday Luncheon on December 11. The Local Libertarian award was given to John Clifton, for his efforts at sustaining QL in the two years following the passing of Dr. Stevens. Naturopathic Doctor Saul Marcus was named for the National Libertarian award, for his health freedom advocacy in combating the ongoing tyranny of the COVID narrative.

Queens Libertarians has increased its Meetup.com numbers from 167 to 198 members in 2021, and expects to expand those totals significantly in the coming year, when its newsletter and alternative social media presence fully launches. QL returns to OBA Grill restaurant in Forest Hills for its next regular meeting on January 8.

LPNY, Ron Paul Reject DeBlasio’s Expanded COVID Mandates

The line separating libertarian vs. liberal statist mindsets can be clearly seen with authoritarian Frankenstein Bill DeBlasio’s lame duck expansions of the NYC COVID mandates, now extended to all private employers and children over 5 years old. LPNY and Ron Paul respond:

Libertarian Party of New York Vehemently Opposes Mayor de Blasio’s Announced Vaccine Mandate for All NYC Businesses

New York, New York, December 7, 2021: This week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced new, stricter vaccine mandates, announcing that anyone working in the City’s more than 180,000 private businesses must receive a COVID-19 vaccination. According to de Blasio, the new mandates were put in place as a “pre-emptive strike” against the omicron variant of COVID-19. These measures, which apply to all in-person employers with at least two employees, would take effect on December 27th, five days before de Blasio leaves office.

Business leaders decried these new restrictions, calling them devastating to every private business in New York. Cody Anderson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, echoed that sentiment.

“For a lame-duck mayor to put in place such short-sighted measures that will hurt employers during one of the busiest times of the year – measures that the incoming mayor does not support – is absolutely absurd,” Anderson explained. “These measures will force mass firings and resignations at the tens of thousands of retail outlets who rely on December staffing and sales for their year’s profits. The mandate disproportionately harms minority communities and the working poor. 45% of the black community and 30% of the Hispanic community will effectively be barred from earning a living within New York City at a time when working families are already struggling to make ends meet.

“Early reports on the omicron variant are encouraging; its mild symptoms have not warranted additional lockdown measures. Policy based on a dubious premise of transmissibility, rather than virulence, and unsupported by quantitative and qualitative medical data is absolute lunacy, and the Mayor’s timing and means of implementation is absolute tyranny. We call on Mayor de Blasio to rescind these needless measures, and further call upon Mayor-Elect Eric Adams to publicly denounce the newest round of mandates. If Mayor de Blasio does not reconsider before he leaves office, we demand Mayor-Elect Adams rescind the order. We implore businesses to practice noncompliance, and to deny entry to NYC officials seeking to enforce the order. The Libertarian Party of New York stands with every one of the more than 180,000 businesses in New York City who chooses not to comply with these mandates, but rather to do business and assess risk as they and their customers see fit.”

For more information about the Libertarian Party of New York, please visit lpny.org. You may also visit Facebook at www.facebook.com/LPNYOfficial, Twitter @LPNYOfficial, or Instagram @LPNYOfficial.


New Tech Social Media for Xmas

Join us on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. at Tu Casa Spanish Restaurant (corner of Lefferts Blvd and Metropolitan Ave) in Kew Gardens, New York to discuss “Adventures In New Alternative Social Tech.” Former LPNY Chair and QL President John Clifton will overview the emergence of new social media platforms (to provide alternatives to the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube et al tech giant monopoly). This meeting will also serve as the Queens Libertarians Holiday Luncheon, and the conclusion of the annual toy drive conducted by Michelle Yaskel.

Clifton lays out the reasons why the current domination of social media by Big Tech corporations should be resisted (selective censorship, selling personal data of member accounts, etc). He will also outline several new means through which QL and other pro-liberty advocates can expand their reach, engagement and funding through the new tech platforms. Details and Directions

Yaskel Toy Drive Update

Special Events Coordinator Michelle Yaskel offers the following summary on preparations for the annual toy drive:

“The local day care center in my area has 12 children, ages 1-9, 6 boys and 6 girls. We can give out the toys to them anytime in December.

“NYFAC will have the same procedure in place as last year; no party at Russo’s on the Bay Restaurant, but a drive through give out of toys on Sat., Dec. 11th and Sat., Dec. 18th. Each family will fill out a questionnaire expressing one’s toy preferences and then Frank Scafo and his wife Debbie will determine what each child should receive as a certain toy or toys based on the donations and place them in bags. We can call the Scafos and arrange for a pickup of the toys at our convenience before their toy drives. The 1st toy drive on Dec. 11th are for the students, ages 1 – 30 who physically attend school. They will receive the bagged toys with their name on it in the school’s parking lot.

“The 2nd toy drive on Dec. 18th will be for the students who are homebound and physically unable to attend school. The Scafos will deliver the individually labeled bagged toys to each of their homes. Please contact me if you have any questions.”

“Show Me the Law”—QL Discusses Tax Honesty

Join us on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. at OBA Grill (corner of Austin St and 70th Rd) in Forest Hills, New York to discuss “Is the Federal Income Tax Constitutional?” Former LPNY Chair Mark Glogowski will expand on his essays concerning whether the tax was enacted, or is administrated in a manner consistent with the letter or intent of the Constitution.

Has the judicial case law been coherent in interpreting issues relating to the income tax? Was the 16th Amendment properly ratified? Is the tax positive law, or part of a private code? And is the application of the tax (or the jurisdiction of the IRS) to assess and collect it unlimited? Our main speaker will be joined by additional members (Phil Schoenberg, Alton Yee, John Clifton) who may make additional presentations. Glogowski will speak 45 minutes, followed by discussion.  Details and directions

Update– Glogowski has provided this biographical summary:

I am married. Two Daughters and a grandson. I have a BS from the University of Rochester, an MS from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a PhD for the University of Tucson. Worked at Eastman Kodak in their Research Labs for 32 1/2 years. Retired. When I was 18, I registered as Democrat. About a year later I re-registered as a Republican. Became the Republican Town Leader for three years for the Town of Hamlin in 1980. In 2009 joined the Libertarian Party. Became the LPNY Chairman in 2015. Was re-elected in 2016 and 2017. Became the FLP Chairman in 2019.

Was the Libertarian candidate for the NYS Assembly District 139 in 2012, 2014, 2018, and 2020. Wrote “The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics”, published it in 2011, Trafford Publishing. Self published, “To Cross-Endorse or Not Cross-Endorse?” in 2020, which is a in depth analysis of the impact of cross endorsement of NYS Congressional, Senate, and Assembly candidates in the 2018 general election. It is available on amazon and Ingram press. . Began a series: “The Political Primer: The Story of Jake”. Two episodes published. The 3rd to be released soon. The second edition of The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics is being worked on.
My campaign website is still up. www.glogowskiforassembly.com.

Queens Libertarians Relocates Meetings to Central Queens

As a result of the COVID mandates being imposed upon restaurants in NYC, QL has decided to opt for freedom in the choice of its monthly venue. We appreciate how Takara served us for over five years, including during the lockdown, as they hosted us indoors when other facilities stayed closed. But their forced compliance with the DeBlasio “passport” mandate tyranny has caused us to leave the Whitestone setting, to seek out new pastures where freedom is still legal.

During the fall we will be trying out more convenient locations in Queens (at facilities with outdoor dining) due to a desire to accommodate members who decline using a COVID passport. Join us on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. at OBA Mediterranean Grill (corner of Austin St and 70th Rd) in Forest Hills (details here). Then on December 11, we plan to hold the regular meeting in conjunction with the annual Holiday luncheon, at Tu Casa Restaurant (Spanish/Mexican, corner of Metropolitan Ave and Lefferts Blvd). Both locations have outdoor canopied areas, can be reached by several buses, and agree with the $10 + tip minimum as before. After both have been attended, we will adopt which one to continue with in 2022 going forward. Members are invited to scout other locations for QL prior to our decision. The regular notice will be sent out later for both meetings.

How Libertarians Can Solve Illegal Immigration

Queens Libertarians will host an open discussion of issues related to the recent mass influx of migrants to the US border (such as at Del Rio, TX) on Saturday, October 9 at 11:30 am. The topic is “A Libertarian Solution To Illegal Immigration,” based on a proposal described in chapter 20 of Mark Glogowski’s book, The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics (Mark is a former Chair of the NYS Libertarian Party). A summary of the proposal can be seen here.

Discussion will be carried by our local “bullpen” of commentators like Alton Yee, professors Schoenberg and Luster, meetup host John Clifton and others. Among the questions explored are, do libertarian principles fully address the current situation? Does an open borders, or protected borders approach reflect the right solution? Is current Washington, DC capable of dealing with the issue? And more.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID issues, the meeting location has been changed for Saturday. QL will meet at the home of founding member Michelle Yaskel in South Ozone Park.  Directions and details can be found here.


A Letter to Senator Schumer on the Debt Ceiling

Several general election polls indicate swamp politicians in DC are at high risk of being kicked out of office come the 2022 midterm elections, due to their embracing ever more crazy levels of spending, or repeatedly raising the debt ceiling, among other abuses.  John Procida, retired LP activist and founder of the original LPQC, takes Washington to task in this succinct letter to the Senate majority leader:

Dear Senator Schumer:

As the majority Leader of the U.S. Senate maybe you can tell me how we the people of the United States of America can possibly pay off our 29 trillion published federal debt, and where will the money come from to pay the 125 trillion dollar contracted debt with a tax income of approximately 4 trillion tax dollars per year.

What I believe we are heading for is one of the following disasters: We will default on all loans, we will see hyperinflation, and we will see our taxes doubled or tripled, all creating a super depression. And maybe a revolution by the poor whose services will cease.

How and why did our government do this to us? I can’t believe that it was ignorance, I do believe it is a plan to destroy our constitution, install communism and enlist us into a world government.

George Soros said about 15 years ago that the only thing preventing the creation of the one world government is the United States, and he said “so we must destroy the United States”.

The creation of our debt seems to fit his plan to destroy us.

If you cannot give me a good explanation as to how we will survive the Debt and continue as a free society then you, as the majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, are a traitor for knowingly and passing our destructive and excessive spending bills.  You and the minority leader as well should be tried for Tyranny.

John Procida



NY Judge Holds Up COVID Mandate Tyranny

Temporarily at least, due to court complications New York health care workers of conscience (with or without libertarian beliefs)  can exercise health freedom of choice about their bodies:

Healthcare workers in New York have been given a reprieve from the state’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mandate. This comes after a group of 17 healthcare professionals sued the state of New York to enjoin the enforcement of its unconstitutional vaccine mandate. The state issued its COVID-19 vaccine mandate on Aug. 28. This required all healthcare workers at hospitals and nursing homes to get at least one dose of the vaccine by Sept. 27. This mandate does not recognize religious exemptions to vaccinations.

The healthcare workers who sued the state believe the lack of an exemption is an attempt to nullify the protections for sincerely held religious beliefs granted under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. “The same frontline healthcare workers hailed as heroes by the media for treating COVID patients before vaccines were available, including the plaintiffs herein, are now vilified by the same media as pariahs who must be excluded from society until they are vaccinated against their will,” reads the lawsuit… “What New York is attempting to do is slam shut an escape hatch from an unconstitutional mandate,” said Christopher Ferrara, a lawyer for the pro-religious liberty Thomas More Society.

Read the rest here, and also the LPNY’s statement.