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Woods, Appel On the Trial Verdict, Dave Smith on the Convention

To finally wrap up the amazing events of the last week, Tom Woods talks to Don Trump Jr about the Conviction, and Dave Smith reviews the real reasons why Oliver prevailed to win the LP nomination (at about 37:00 into the podcast). Gail Appel, on the Lew Rockwell blog, comments on Orange Man:

America has died. “The shining city on the hill” is a shanty town atop a Bangladeshi dung heap… 

What has been done to Trump is heartbreaking. It matters not how one feels about him personally. An innocent man who gave up a lavish life for this disgusting, criminal enterprise. He was sabotaged left, right , up, down, globally…For calling out the vile underbelly.

NYC, the island of evil with the entrance to Hell, the UN. There should be an engraved frieze above the entrance,” Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter”

Tim Pool, Mark Glogowski on the LP Con, Oliver and Trump

More fallout over Chase Oliver (who some have characterized as the embodiment of libertarian socialism), and of course Orange man. Podcaster Tim Pool with friends, and former LPNY Chair and multi-time candidate for NYS Assembly Mark Glogowski on Trump’s appearance at the national LP convention:

Glogowski: No one who came to the Libertarian Party was a ‘perfect’ Libertarian when they joined.  I joined in 2009, and I brought in a lot of Republican ideas because those were what I was exposed to. It takes time to grasp the fundamentals and to abandon what you once thought were good ideas.  In fact, everyone who becomes politically active in the Libertarian Party usually has just one issue that they want resolved and look to become active in the party because the Libertarian Party takes an agreeable position on that one issue.

         I would like to point out that Trump, as a businessman, when he became president, continued to seek the best advice he could gather. Unfortunately, that information came from Republicans and Democrats. He made many decisions that, to us, were undesirable and despicable. Unfortunately, the entire political field of opinion was Republican and Democratic. As he got other options and realized he had made bad decisions, he did not hesitate, he quickly changed his mind and embraced those better options.

        What I know for sure about Trump is that he embraces, and as president, was guided by the NAP (NON-Aggression Principle), and he displayed that fact in Afghanistan, where he arranged the removal of US Soldiers and the removal of all US military equipment.  I believe he WILL immediately end the Ukraine war and will stop supplying weapons to Israel.  His foreign policy was contrary to the US’s current, and almost 200-year-old imperialistic foreign policy, where the US enters every international trade negotiation with a Win/Lose goal.  Trump is continuously looking for Win/Win situations. He capitalizes on the synergy that is created when people trade honestly and openly.  Yes, he made some very bad decisions, but I believe him when he says he is leaning Libertarian today. I believe he is a Libertarian. Why do I believe it, because if you look at what he actually did in office, it is phenomenal.  Did you realize that tensions between the US, Iran, China, and North Korea went down so dramatically that the North Korean President initiated reunification negotiations with South Korea and some trade agreements toward that end were made?  Biden not only destroyed those steps toward true peace but reversed the entire international perspective to where the animosity that exists has us literally just days away from a nuclear disaster. The entire western nations have their emotions controlled by their amygdala and because they are all either a DEFENDER, CONTROLLER, or ENFORCER, they all share this Win or Lose attitude and facts don’t matter. It doesn’t matter that Putin was 100% within international law and that democratic processes were used to have the people make the decisions concerning annexation. Not one Western nation asked to monitor the democratic election process. We had no intention to defend democratic processes. We are just responding to a bully and siding with the bully in this fight. As long as it is Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who are dying, and Ukrainian buildings and infrastructure being blown up, what does it matter to the US or to Europe?  What concerns me is that if we don’t shift our international focus to one of accommodation of market needs, our leaders will take steps that will cross the red line and take us into a nuclear holocaust.  Let’s face it: “We can’t let Russia win.” Is a statement that reinforces the move toward a nuclear holocaust.

      And if you think we have a chance of winning a nuclear holocaust, think again. The US Republicans are talking about a 1st nuclear strike. It will take over 2 hours for our weapons to get to Russia. It will only take 6 minutes for the Russian nuclear rockets to get to America.  NORAD test showed our response time is 15 minutes. Not a comforting thought.

      Based on Trump’s speech, he did become an ADVOCATE. If the political field was not so dominated by the Democratic and Republican parties, he would be a full-blooded Libertarian today.  (What is an ADVOCATE?  Read The Political Primer: Fundamentals of Politics, Mark Glogowski, PhD, Trafford Press 2011)  

      Every Libertarian shares the fact that they are ADVOCATES as defined in this book. They are not DEFENDERS, ENFORCERS, or CONTROLLERS, yet the DEFENDERS, CONTROLLERS, and ENFORCERS are where all of the ‘international and domestic’ advice came from  during his term of office.

    I sent a copy of my book to Trump and believe he did read it. I believe he realized he was Libertarian to the core. Now he needs to use the system that is in front of him, the Democratic and Republican political parties and the election cycle and whatever else is thrown up as an impediment, to be elected and to make the changes he needs to make.

     Here is our problem: The Libertarian Party seems to be void of advice when it comes to international foreign policy. Can you expound on what we would recommend for international policy for the US? Platitudes such as ‘all humans have a right to be free’ just don’t cut it. Being the strongest imperialist country in the world is not sound international policy. Putin was correct when he said the past 70 years of US international policy, as demonstrated in Israel, have been a complete failure. Our imperialist policies in South America and Africa have not led to any real development in those countries. Our policy seems to be to create strife and division and then move in to reap the rewards.

       What we need as a foreign policy is one where people build trust. We don’t need 1 million rounds of ammunition just so we can kill hundreds and thousands of Russians.  What we need is 1 million acts of goodwill. You can’t build trust with a bullet, or a bomb. or a threat. It can only be established with genuine kindness without the end goal being “win/lose”.

      If the LP were to keep an open mind, one that recognizes the difficulty, time required, and reeducation needed, for people to abandon solutions that they embraced when they were members of another political party, you would begin to realize how solidly Trump is becoming Libertarian.  Were he to win the election this year, I believe he would be a solid Libertarian by the end of his term.

     To that effect, Vivek Ramaswamy is Libertarian. Only about 2% of the Republican Party is left-over Liberal Republicans (Libertarian) which is why he received such low vote counts. A Conservative Republican will never vote for a Liberal Republican. (This was stated many times by Conservative Republicans on talk shows.)  After the VP candidate is chosen by Trump, I believe Vivek can be convinced to join the Libertarian Party Check out the first Republican debate and see if you can find any position Vivek took that is contrary to the Libertarian Principles – other than he supports Trump.

     If Trump picks Vivek as his running mate, it will underscore the fact that Trump has turned Libertarian.


What is the LP’s Post-Convention Campaign Plan?

Join Queens Libertarians (in its topical event for LPQC) on June 8 at noon, to hear LPQC Treasurer Mark Weinblatt leads an open discussion on the topic of “the Post National LP Convention Action Plan.” Discussion will be held at our Woodside location at Donovan’s Pub on 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, in the family room area. This address will follow its monthly business session, covering Queens LP planning and subcommittee updates. Weinblatt reviews what he observed at the 2024 LP National Convention in Washington, DC., the issues emerging from the nomination of Chase Oliver as the LP Presidential candidate, the leadership status of the Libertarian Party, LP platform changes and other developments.

Attendees will go over the outcome of the LPNY petition drive, and what it means for future petitioning or Get Out The Vote drives in the state. What is the way forward for the party heading into Election Day, in New York and nationally? More ideas and suggested strategies are welcome!   Details and Directions

Young Turks on the LP Con, Trump, and Libertarian Philosophy

The national LP convention still has party members spinning over the events that happened, from Donald Trump’s raucous appearance, to the ascension of left Libertarian Chase Oliver to the position of being the LP’s 2024 Presidential candidate. Be the response boos or cheers (the media only covered the booing) Trump was indeed brave to show up, and the LP was in turn brave and respectful to let him and RFK Jr. speak. What other party would be honest enough to boo a major convention speaker? What other major candidate would even mention Ross Ulbricht’s name, let alone offer to commute his sentence? The progressive Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur comments on the controversy, and its implications for libertarian philosophy:

Chase Oliver Wins LP Nomination for President

…The Libertarian Party on Sunday nominated party activist Chase Oliver for president, rejecting former President Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. after they each spoke at the party’s convention.

Third parties have rarely been competitive in U.S. presidential elections and the Libertarian candidate four years ago won 1% of the vote. But the party’s decision is getting more attention this year due to the rematch between Trump and Democratic President Joe Biden, which could hinge again on small vote margins in a handful of contested states.

“We did it! I am officially the presidential nominee,” Oliver posted Sunday on X, formerly Twitter. “It’s time to unify and move forward for liberty….”  More

Trump’s Remarks at the LP National Convention

Former President Trump showed up in person at the 2024 Con! The appearance is fully unprecedented for the party, regardless of what you think about the Orange man. He made a pitch for Libertarians to consider nominating him, or voting for him in November to rid us of “the worst President ever” (Biden), including Trump promising to add Libertarians to his Cabinet and Administration. His full comments are here:

Assange Wins Right to Appeal Extradition to the US, In Victory for Political Liberty

It’s not over yet, but a British court has given Julian Assange a lifeline, so two cheers for political liberty. He’s been in prison WITHOUT CHARGE for five years now, for practicing free speech journalism by exposing US war crimes in the Iraq war. Biden won’t drop the espionage prosecution, but if this ordeal drags out until 2025, Trump might. It was widely speculated that the reason why Assange was not pardoned in 2021 is that Sen. Mitch McConnell threatened to not whip up votes in the Senate to protect Trump from conviction in his second impeachment trial. DemocracyNow! reports:

The Real Politics of Weed Going Schedule III

When libertarian vs liberal priorities meet: Biden wants to get re-elected, and retrieve much of youth vote he has lost. So suddenly, like a miracle, his administration is finally changing the scheduling of marijuana to Schedule III, just in time for November. According to PIX 11 TV:

The Justice Department took a major step this week, formally moving to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug. The process isn’t finalized yet, but if approved, the plan would drop marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) classifies substances into five categories, denoted with Roman numerals, based on how likely they are to be abused. Schedule I drugs are those with the highest potential to create dependency issues and are considered to have “no currently accepted medical use.”

As it stands, marijuana is a Schedule I drug, along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy. The new rule under consideration would move it down two levels to Schedule III, below Schedule II drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, oxycodone and others.

Other Schedule III drugs include ketamine, testosterone and Tylenol with codeine. Schedule IV drugs like Xanax, Valium and Ambien are considered even less risky, as are Schedule V drugs like cough medicine and several prescription medications.

What would change if marijuana is officially reclassified?

Rescheduling does not decriminalize marijuana or make it legal for recreational use on the federal level.

Even if marijuana is rescheduled, it would still be a controlled substance that’s subject to federal rules and regulations.

Instead, the change would recognize the medical uses of cannabis and acknowledge it has less potential for abuse than some of the nation’s most dangerous drugs. Becoming a Schedule III drug would make it easier for research to be done on marijuana as well….Read More


More on Political Issues Behind January 6

Chair John Clifton has composed a10 part essay response, to critical points raised about his talk on the political issues and due process violations involved with the Jan 6 protestors, as discussed at the LPQC May meeting. Clifton holds that most voters know the 2020 election was rigged, and that the jailed Jan 6 protestors are hostages. Rasmussen and other polls confirm this, and that is why the “election deniers/insurrection” narrative has failed for years:

Were the January 6 Protestors Traitors, or Hostages?

The 5/11 QL meeting circumstances (at Donovan’s Pub, being crowded at the smaller table and space provided) caused me to be more informal, shorten my presentation and skip the references I provided, which you didn’t look at. Briefly:

The “sore loser” and “Trump simply lies” phrases are simply claims, not proven. His job was not to singlehandedly reform the election laws of multiple different states. The over 1000 sworn affidavits on record of direct eyewitnesses to election rigging (not to mention the videos, from MI and GA, etc) are sufficient starting points for investigations that basically did not happen in the weeks following the 2020 election.

The election was not litigated at that time, as the judges were under pressure to dismiss the 60+ cases before they could get to an evidentiary hearing stage where the facts could be presented, or they could be litigated. Many of the judges simply issued a judgment WITHOUT any consideration of that, which the “getaway media” simply spun as “the case was debunked.” I have mentioned these details for four years, especially since I have seen (as a past state Chair) that these are the main tactics biased judges in New York have used to rule against LPNY in case after case… Read More

BREAKING Libertarian News: Trump To Speak at the LP National Convention!

Libertarian news rarely gets bigger than this, from the Associated Press:

Former President Donald Trump will speak at the Libertarian National Convention in Washington, D.C. later this month as he tries to woo voters beyond the Republican base and avoid losing support to independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Libertarians are some of the most independent and thoughtful thinkers in our Country, and I am honored to join them in Washington, DC, later this month,” Trump said in a statement issued Wednesday. “We must all work together to help advance freedom and liberty for every American, and a second Trump Administration will achieve that goal.”

He went on to make the case that, “If Libertarians join me and the Republican Party, where we have many Libertarian views, the election won’t even be close. We cannot have another four years of death, destruction, and incompetence. WE WILL WORK TOGETHER AND WIN!”

The event comes as Trump’s campaign has ramped up its attacks against Kennedy, who is running as an independent against Trump and President Joe Biden after dropping his Democratic primary bid. Kennedy has appealed to disaffected Democrats and Republicans looking for an alternative to the pending rematch of the 2020 election… Read more

Is the Columbia U. Protest a Peaceful Sit Down, or Hateful Standoff?

It appears younger Americans (in college or not) and much of the rest of the world (Muslim, or not) are no longer going to accept open-ended, unconditional and one-sided US support for Israeli policy, militarism, and narratives, even if it means being accused of violent hate. Some maybe are guilty of it, many are not, but who is sorting this out, as opposed to smearing the students wholesale? The sit-ins at Columbia University and other campuses are “mostly peaceful” (by previously established BLM standards), but amount to civil disobedience on private property, as a legal matter. Whatever, simply arresting kids while not engaging their concerns, will not end the standoff.

Who will stand for ending our intervention in the Mideast, and against escalation leading to the further slaughter of civilians, be they Israeli or Palestinian? Who is putting that first? Adopting that antiwar priority would provide libertarian meaning to the current chaotic situation. As a comment on the below video from the Jimmy Dore show notes, doubling down on war funding and war-hawk slogans will not work this time: “The ‘only Israel matters!’ and ‘only Oct 7 matters!’ neo-con shills like Speaker Mike Johnson decry any dissent as anti-Semitic, despite the inconvenient fact that many of the protestors are Jewish.”

Civil Libertarian Issues With January 6

Join QL on May 11 at noon, to hear LPQC Chair John Clifton speak on the topic of “January 6 Capitol Protestors—Traitors, or Hostages?” Discussion will be held at our Woodside location at Donovan’s Pub on 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, in the family room area. This address will follow its monthly business session, covering Queens LP planning and subcommittee updates. Clifton examines the mainstream “insurrection” narrative about the 1/6/21 events, including motivations behind the riot that followed, along with civil liberties and due process violations protestors experienced.

Are the 3 years of harsh pre-trial detention that over 850 ‘J6’ demonstrators were subjected to, over “violence” just 150 of them allegedly performed, in any way constitutional? Why are an additional 1,000 suspects still being sought or sentenced, including many who weren’t even there on Jan 6? An upcoming Supreme Court ruling on the “obstructing a government proceeding” issue, the “were they set up?” question, Lawfare and related matters will also be covered.

Attendees will also get an update on the LP efforts in the statewide petition drive to get Larry Sharpe on the ballot in New York for President (if you want a petition form we should have blanks available).  Details and Directions