Are We Near the Fall of the Liberal World Order?

Are We Near the Fall of the Liberal World Order?

Join QL on June 10 (in its speaker event for LPQC) to hear retired Professor Robert Luster speak on the topic of “The Fall of the Liberal International Order and the Global South,” at OBA Grill on 104-02 Metropolitan Ave at noon. This address will follow the monthly business session, covering Queens LP housekeeping and subcommittee updates. Is the US and the Western order increasingly losing international ground under the increased influence of China, Russia, India, or their emerging alliances with each other? Is the future in a rising new order in Asia and the Global South?

Should our nation have or maintain hegemony or controlling geopolitical dominance across the East? Are many Western officials addressing these changes? How do recent elections, or the economic circumstances of these countries factor into their current relations? Is the US answer to these issues more, or less foreign intervention? Luster will speak 45 minutes, followed by discussion. UPDATE: Due to scheduling issues Luster’s presentation has been postponed until August 12. Dr. Philip Schoenberg will speak instead, discussing “Does the Deep State Exist?” on June 10. 

Details and Directions

P.S.: Schoenberg has further clarified his remarks on the deep state:

The Deep State from the Founding Fathers to Donald Trump and Beyond © 2023 by Philip Ernest Schoenberg, PhD

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “The deep state is defined as “a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.” However, this definition is not complete. The deep state consists of forces that promote injustice by being blind to what is right because the end justifies the means. We will take a trip through American history from the Founding Fathers to the present.

The Deep State is part of belief in a conspiracy theory in which anything that supports what he or she believes in no matter how doubtful, imaginary, and tenuous while anything that  does challenges this belief no matter  how grounded in evidence, reality, science, and truth. The US is the leader in conspiracies like so many else good and bad.

In our survey of the American history of the Deep State, Donald Trump is the epitome of the Deep State. While promising to demolish the Deep State, he has enhanced it. Any person or institution is part of the Deep State. Trump is no victim of the Deep State; he is the Deep State. 

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