Dr. Phil on “Trump the Dump—His Rise and Fall”

Dr. Phil on “Trump the Dump—His Rise and Fall”

Below is the full text of the remarks Dr. Phil Schoenberg made at the January 2023 QL meeting, plus an additional poem he wrote on “Donald Trump the Dump.” Phil restates his fully negative assessment of both Trump’s history and personality, as well as his future (so much so, readers may want to read an article arguing for Trump’s good character for balance). Whatever, libertarians will likely be debating Orange Man’s political impact for ages to come:

Donald Trump the Dump © 2023 by Philip Ernest Schoenberg, PhD

I am Donald Trump
King of the Dump
Because I know when to pump
I learned from my pop
On how to be on top
I learned from my pap
On how to take your crap
I have a gift
I know how to grift
I know how to take the heat
When I cheat
God is a joke
I know how to take your poke

and make you broke
I am rich

Because I know how to ditch

I expect you to attack

but I will not have your back
I do the crime

But you will do the time

I expect you to be brave

while I dig your grave
I made the world a better place
Full of lace and grace
For me but not for thee

People think I’m nice

but I’m cold as ice
I am the king of the hill
Because I know how to chill
When I am a pill


The Rise and Fall of President Donald Trump: The Why © 2023 by Philip Ernest Schoenberg, PhD

I. Preface: My Decision

On election day, 2016, as I waited to vote, I debated with myself on whom I should choose to be president. As an expert on presidents, I thought I knew all about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as equally dubious and sleazy characters. I decided to vote for Donald Trump (1) as a game-changer to shake up the political establishment and (2) the election polls predicted Hillary Clinton would win New York State. Therefore, I thought my protest vote would be harmless. Like millions of others, I had never expected Donald John Trump to win or take us on the wild ride that he did as the 45th President of the United States of America.

II. Trump’s Disconcerting, Outrageous, Effective Public Relations Launch as a Presidential Candidate

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, in his memoirs, remembers June 16, 2015 as a most memorable day. Donald Trump declared he was running for president. Trump supposedly tossed away a prepared script in favor of a supposed off-scripted racist comment on Mexican illegals as rapists. While this provocative statement is not explicitly racist, it demonstrated Trump’s tendency to go right up to the defamatory line that he has repeatedly crossed and still crosses. His supposedly off-the-cuff remarks are never spontaneous because they are designed to get attention, provoke controversy and stir up the media. Kushner learned from Trump that the cheering and applauding crowd in the NYC Trump Tower lobby were professional actors hired for the occasion. While the media denounced his racist and politically incorrect comments, Trump found his public who resonated with his ugly, demagogic words. Trump had told the masses what they wanted to hear. He was off and running to become their president…

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