January 6, the Fall of Civil Liberties, and the Gestapo

January 6, the Fall of Civil Liberties, and the Gestapo

Paul Craig Roberts on the civil liberties nightmare in DC of two years ago. His and Tucker Carlson’s comments are based on videos and documentaries that demonstrate the violations of protestors’ rights, and law enforcement’s highly selective approach to the evidence. As per several political polls, pro-liberty populists protested what over half the public feels was a clearly stolen election. A few of them “trespassed” the Capitol building (despite signs they were let in), and the establishment has vilified and demonized them ever since:

“The alleged “January 6 insurrection” is entirely an orchestrated event. The presstitutes have given a completely fabricated account that bears zero relationship to what happened. This documentary by the Epoch Times, a new large online and print newspaper that is filling the role abandoned by the US media of objective reporting, is a font of truthful information backed up by visual evidence. Here are a few of the actual facts. The police behaved as thugs throughout. The police intentionally did their best to provoke a peaceful crowd to violence by shooting into their midst plastic grenades filled with plastic shrapnel. The police, if indeed they were police, broke every rule of police behavior in their efforts to provoke the crowd into violence.

They were helped by provocateurs, none of whom have been arrested or questioned. These efforts had little success. So they then killed purely gratuitously two women. Ashley Babbitt was gratuitously murdered by a black police officer for no other reason than to produce the aura of violence that required deadly police force. Another woman was murdered by black police as the documentary shows clearly. Neither of the women were doing anything to justify the use of death-dealing force against them. In neither case was there any investigation of the police use of excessive force. The Justice (sic) Department gave a free pass to the murderers. None of the required procedures that are required when people are killed by police were followed. In the case of Derick Chauvin they were excessively applied. We have a two-tiered system of justice in which the application of law depends on race…”  Read more


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