“We Have to Keep Fighting”–Larry Sharpe Update

“We Have to Keep Fighting”–Larry Sharpe Update

Sharpe provides the latest on the battle to restore the LPNY’s ballot status, and his gearing up for a write-in campaign in his race for Governor:

We Have to Keep Fighting. Who’s In?

@thelarrysharpe ♬ International Harvester – Craig Morgan

The judge ruled against us, but the war isn’t over. We identified flaws in his ruling, and we’re working on our appeal to fight for ballot access. In the meantime, I’m back on the road!

We’re moving forward with the court appeal, and a WRITE IN CAMPAIGN. This weekend, I travelled all over New York State and visited with farmers, small business owners, and everyday people like you and me. New York is a disaster, and we need to turn it around. Can you help?

Right now, we need volunteers. Most urgently, we need people who can cut up videos into clips and do very basic editing, and posting to social media. We also need people who can work on setting up events from now until November.

Register to Volunteer Here 

If you don’t have the time, then we could use your money. As you know, fundraising has been slow since the court decision. We’ve got bills to pay, court costs, and a campaign to see through to the end. Stand with me to save New York before it’s too late.

Click here and send whatever you can  

In liberty,

Larry Sharpe


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